Happy Birthday Aquarius, It’s Your Time To Shine!

JPegAquarius2Happy Birthday Aquarius, it’s your time to shine!  Today the Sun moves into independent, bohemian Aquarius.  You are the star people!  The energy of Aquarius is electrifying; Aquarians are humanitarians – forward thinkers.  Some might view you a bit aloof at times, as you are fiercely independent, sometimes unpredictable, can be eccentric, sees everyone as brothers and sisters and wants to be treated as an equal. When bored you will focus your energy on something new.  You like change and won’t be held back or down.  You ride on a big magic carpet with room for different ideas and people but also enjoy your own company and take your own unique path.   The Star card in the Major Arcana is your Tarot correspondence.  Your symbol is the Water Bearer. Aquarius is a fixed sign, you rule the 11th House, the House of Friends Hope, Future Wishes’ your element is Air,.  Your ruling planet is Uranus, the Rebel, Great Awakener.  Aquarius rules the shins, calves, ankles,  circulatory system; take special care in these areas.   “Aquarians not only march to a different drummer, they make up new music as they go along”.  Joanna Woolfolk

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