Oracle and Astrology Reading for the Week of February 13, 2016, with the Wisdom of the Oracle

On Saturday, Feb. 13th, Mercury changes signs from Capricorn to Aquarius and stays there until March 3rd! If you have been stuck, when Mercury joins with Aquarius we feel that our communications and messages are well received and new ideas grow wings. We are looking at things on a larger scale! The shadow side can be feeling a bit ungrounded and personal items can be misplaced during this time as we are thinking and moving quickly. Take time each day to pause and listen to your intuition during this three week period.

This week I’m reading with Colette Baron-Reid’s latest deck, the Wisdom of the Oracle. The deck contains 52 cards that can be read in the upright or reversed position, or as Collette points out the “protection” position. where Spirit is giving you extra protection and a better way of looking at things. Not only is this an exquisitely beautiful deck, with a whimsical and surrealistic touch by the artist Jena DellaGrottaglia, it contains ancient wisdom shown by modern signs in the cards, hidden information and symbols along with a picture of the Oracle in each card. The Wisdom of the Oracle gives you messages to steer you in the right direction, help you avoid potholes and how to get unstuck if you find yourself there, gives you wisdom around your choices and thoughts on what is the next right action.

And with any divination system, when approaching the Oracle or Spirit for guidance it’s important to be in a calm, curious yet in a bit detached state so you can clearly hear the message and see where it directly applies to you. And how you phrase or formulate the question is essential to the message you receive. I always start with a prayer before a reading and this is the one I chose for today: We are safe and surrounded by the love of the Angels, Spirit and our Guides, open to receive the messages that the Oracle has for us today for our highest good.

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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