Tarot & Astrology Reading for the Week of March 26, 2016, with The Mermaid Tarot

Hi, it’s good to be with you again. I’m Maggie Lukowski of Maggie Moon Tarot – here are the vibes for the week. Whew, what a week we just had. The energy, changes in the cosmic realm along with our world events make it more important to stay in Love and out of Fear. I was touched by a quote by Emily Dickinson about the little things in life, that hug that last a little longer, a smile, looking into another’s eyes… the quote is: “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.”

It’s a quieter week in the heavens, we’re in the last days of March, so what will we do with them. Saturn our Father Time, Planet of Karma, Celestial Teacher has just turned Direct on Friday, will Retrograde until August so he has lessons for us – where do we put our trust, what restrictions do we place upon ourselves, trusting our own inner authority, because we are the ones who give ourselves permission. It can be breaking down barriers. We might ask ourselves during this time, who is in charge of our life. If not us, who and why.

Saturday the Aries Sun Trines Mars so we feel that extra energy and push to try something new! Venus will sextile Pluto while the Moon is in Scorpio; the conversations can turn deep and meaningful. You may learn things about others you did not previously know – wear your compassion.

Easter is upon us so it reflects the theme of this year, becoming awake to the glorious possibilities that we each have to share as we are all Angels of Light. We can find our happy place on Monday, the 28th, a 1 day in Numerology, when the Sun in Aries makes a lovely trine to the Sagittarius Moon. These bright lights, remind me of the lyrics, Come on baby light my fire. So something inspirational will come out of the day. The word Inspiration means a divine influence directly, immediately exerted upon the mind or soul; Inspire means to breath life into. No matter what is going on, it will be a good day! Then on Wednesday, Mercury squares Pluto, so avoid any mind games or manipulations. On Thursday, Mercury conjoins Uranus, expect the unexpected! We also may see glitches in the electromagnetic fields. But our Mercury is speedy so if it’s anything disruptive, it will move out fast as it’s also our last day of the month. Friday we move into April where the Moon moves into Aquarius later in the day for the weekend. So it’s fun to tag the first person you talk to in the day saying Rabbit or White Rabbit three times so you will both have good luck this month.

I am back at the ocean, my healing place, the dreamy Mermaid Tarot is calling my name. I think the Mermaids are calling to all of us this week. The deck, by Dame Darcy, is etherial and speaks of secrets of the sea. I have her contact information listed in the about section of the video. So, let’s see what the Mermaids have to bring forward for us this week! Click on the link above to view and thank you for stopping by!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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