Tarot and Astrology Reading with the Alice Tarot!

“For, you see, so many out-of-the-way things had happened lately, that Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible.”    Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

We start the weekend with the Moon leaving Leo and moving into Virgo Saturday afternoon. This time is perfect for catching up on details, planning and attending to any service related projects along with giving attention to our diet as Virgo rules our digestion. We are also in the waxing Moon phase so the energy is ripe for things to grow and increase as we tend our garden.

This week I’m reading with the magical and luminous Alice Tarot from Baba Studios, written and designed by Karen Mahony and Illustrated and designed by Alex Ukolov. This deck has some of the symbols and meanings from the traditional Rider Waite tarot but takes the enchantment from the story and we go down the rabbit hole with Alice and read from a more intuitive perspective. That that’s the thing with decks that are less traditional, they encourage us to exercise our intuition, see, hear and feel what messages are coming through uniquely for us. Also there’s a new movie coming out, Alice Through the Looking Glass, directed by Tim Burton at the end of May that I am excited about!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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