It’s Time To Make Your New Moon Wishes!


We have a New Moon in Gemini today in the US and tomorrow in other time zones around the world!  A new cycle occurring at 15 degrees of Gemini!  The same vibration as our 6 month, one of love, healing, nurturing, balance, and being a magnet to attracting abundance into our lives.  I write about this in Attune Magazine – June’s Numerology  

New beginnings, new ideas pop out, write them all down in your New Moon intentions list but put your focus on one or two to bring clarity to your vision.  And this is an important time to remember our thoughts create our reality.  The seeds and thoughts we plant at a New Moon have extra power especially with a Gemini New Moon, as Gemini is curious and fearless which invites in new ideas, we can stumble upon things not previously seen and available to us.  Where do we want to focus our thoughts?  We can use our mind and communications skills at this time to our benefit.  Venus is conjunct the Sun and Moon so there is an emphasis on love, our relationships, and how we communicate our feelings and use discernment. 

There is also a Grand Mutable Cross where we take a look at what path we want to take and it might be a bit unclear, or bit spacey but it invites us to “take a little trip with me”.  But no worries, Jupiter and Virgo can help us with lots of options and discernment.  Saturn in Sagittarius helps us see this new path and meaning to our decision along with the spiritual responsibility and integrity that comes with it.  Neptune in Pisces can bring us information on our soul DNA or soul codes, along with amplifying our intuition and creativity.  This requires us to stop, listen, and be open to the messages coming through.  You may want to journal how you are feeling and what you are being shown.  This all can be a bit overstimulating with Gemini and Jupiter during this Grand Cross so we are asked to slow down and take it a bit easier and have compassion with ourselves and others.   There are opportunities available to us and we are encouraged to be open and try new things.  But most of all, this New Moon and Grand Cross opens a portal into a different dimension to see and examine what new path we will follow.  This is a spiritual and transformational time! 

New Moon Blessings!

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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