Tarot and Astrology Reading for the End of the Week

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“Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them.” – Jim Davis

And for the weekend the Moon is in Virgo; we can take advantage of getting things accomplished! On Sunday Mercury moves in Gemini, it’s home, for the next three weeks. Open your eyes to new ideas! There’s a gift in conversation, negotiations, and writing, so take advantage of these good communication vibes as people will be more receptive. Sunday afternoon the Moon is void of course in Virgo so it’s a great time to relax and kick back!

At the end of the week the Queen of Swords comes out from the Cat’s Eye Tarot used with permission of U.S. Games Systems c. 2011 all rights reserved by U.S. Games, Inc. Her astrological association is Libra with Virgo heavily sprinkled in. An exquisite Siamese and she knows it! She’s all about cleaver wit, she’s a realist and independent. This Queen can get the job done just like our Virgo Moon. If you are having a tag sale or need to get things organized, channel this Queen’s energy to assist you. Sometimes when you do require this energy, you can just imagine that persona standing beside you or in front of you and step into their energy. All of a sudden you feel a shift, and you can embody the qualities you are looking for. This Queen of Swords’ element is Air and rules our thoughts. She can be especially helpful when we need to shift our thoughts. Her message for us this week is that we all have great worth, and we reflect this in the thoughts we think and that we accept only what is for our best and highest good.  You can click here to view the entire video!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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