Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Beginning of the Week

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The darkest nights produce the brightest stars, as it is in our own lives.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday our Moon is in Aries, who is all over any idea that may come up so he can come to our assistance.  At the same time we are in the Waning Moon so go inward and check with your heart to see how it actually feels.

At the beginning of the week the Star card came out from the Motherpeace Tarot by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble published and used with the permission of U.S. Games Systems. c. 2012-2016. all rights reserved. The gentle rain is coming down, that gift of grace, while the woman, bathed in the moonlight and in a pool of water with pink lotus flowers is open to receive the gift. Up to the right is the brightest star and the one our closest stars to our earth, Sirius and surrounded by the star cluster the Pleiades or Seven Sisters.

The Star card is about hope and freedom for the future and comes after the Tower card in the Major Arcana which can be a big shakeup for us to see the truth of a situation. There have been global and possibly personal tower moments for each of us so the blessing of the Star is most welcome now. The Star’s energy is that of the Babylonian Mother Goddess Ishtar, and from the companion book, a ritual of cleansing and self-healing, and Aphrodite’s love. Immersion in water is an ancient and healing practice. Have you experienced the exhilaration of standing out in the rain, looking up at the sky and feeling the freedom, healing, and blessings. Or being in a body of water, even our shower, feeling the internal and external grime of everyday life be washed away, renewed again. The eagle soaring high in the sky is a symbol of spirit, a messenger, our spirit can soar with him as we can be called to hear the messages from of our higher self. The stones surrounding her provide a circle of protection while the frog and morning glories speak of rebirth and transformation. There are so many symbols in this card that we could discuss, and one may be significant for you in your life now. The Star lets us know we have been called to personally nurture what needs to be healed then step out and shine our radiant light into the world. It’s lovely energy for our waning moon time, preparing us for our new moon next week.  

You can visit my Youtube channel maggiemoontarot or click here to listen to the week’s reading.   https://youtu.be/AYmR6dVRndk

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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