This week “Ride the energy of your own unique spirit.”


This week “Ride the energy of your own unique spirit.” – Gabrielle Roth

Ahh, our Moon is in Cancer and Venus moves into Scorpio until October 18th, and like with relationships Venus might say it’s complicated.   If you are into doing shadow work, this is your time.  This energy also bring passion not only to relationships but to the things you love. People can be digging for information and you may not want your some of your private life on the cosmic airwaves.  So inquiring minds need to go elsewhere.  A good time to stay out of drama, jealous feelings and keep yourself busy and maybe doing some research on some of your own projects.

For the end of the week, Card 7, the Chariot represented by Archangel Metatron. (Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, Artwork by Steve A. Roberts published by Hay House Publishing) His message on the card is “An important achievement. Self-discipline and willpower. Public recognition”. It takes us back to the beginning of the week where an adventure was started. Breaking free. We have progressed and now we feel more confidence, knowing we have the self discipline and willpower to succeed. Now we may have a few things to master at once! This is a card of focusing on our desires. I feel also that it’s showing us that we have what it takes to follow our own life’s purpose, our own truth. Archangel Metatron can help us move out of our own wilderness, own our own power and step into the land of our dreams. He has a special affinity to children as he is called the Patron Angel of small children which also includes our own inner child and he is also known as the Celestial Scribe. The number Seven on the card is a number of spirituality and mystery. And like the symbol of sacred geometry, the Merkabah, on the Archangel Metatron’s chariot, often referred to as Metatron’s Cube, it has been said in many mystery teachings, if you focus on it you can manifest your dreams and what you want to create in your life. Google the Merkabah and print it out to have as one of your manifestation visualizations during meditation.

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