Midweek Tarot Reading with the Beautiful Creatures Tarot


Midweek, the Fish of Water, associated by the Knight of Cups comes out from the Beautiful Creatures Tarot. The keyword for this card is Empathy. The Fish of Water is influenced by the Moon, the planet of feelings, intuition and our sixth sense. Not only do we have support from this Mermaid but some extra support because this week the Sun trines Chiron on Saturday. In Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron was known as the “Wounded Healer”. We can also call on Compassion which is the doorway to healing old wounds. We may have our own wounds we are healing or have moved past them and can share with someone how we came through our struggle to help them. Often these times are reinvention points in our lives. We may be called on this week to show that compassion for someone or a situation, listen deeply, picking up the unsaid. There are many situations in life that sometimes we have no words for. Often we back off because we simply don’t know what to do and don’t want to say the wrong thing. Sometimes by being with a friend and listening is comfort in itself. By doing this we connect on the deepest level with another and provide support. Remember a time in our life when a gentle touch, hug, someone taking the time to reach out to us and listen to our story or just be present with us. And most of all, we must have empathy and compassion, as that puts us on the road to healing. And our card at the beginning of the week Fortitude will help us through this time.

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