I Spy A Family – Tarot Reading for the Beginning of the Week



“You’re as ready as you ever will be; well equipped for the adventures awaiting. Divine Substance— which is your only Reality— provides abundantly. But you must ask. Ask for help, supply, guidance, Grace. Ask for the Power to be switched on. Ask to catch the Flow. Ask to soar.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach – Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort of Joy

At the beginning of the week, the Ten of Pentacles comes out from the Radiant-Rider-Waite Tarot used with permission by U.S. Games, Inc. (http://www.usgamesinc.com/Radiant-Rider-Waite-in-a-Tin/) 

Pentacles/Coins are our Earth element and the tens in the suits show a completion or fulfillment. This is the same time of our Full Moon in the Earth Sign of Taurus where there is a completion but also a release.    When you look at this card, I spy a family but we each will notice something different here.  It usually depends what is going on in our own lives.  Are we someone in this card or is there something that has meaning for us… The Mother, Father, Child, Grandfather or Dogs or possibly something else in the scene.  Our family can be the family we were born into or the tribe we choose.   And between the two lies our Soul Family.  Some agreed with us to come here to Earth to present challenges and contrast and others here as encouragers with gifts.   As we begin the week, we might notice these and also release resistance that can be blocking our abundance wherever we see or feel it.  Then clarity around our choices, not someone else’s desires can be felt and seen in our vibration.  Everyone has their own perspective around abundance in a family system or tribe, and some come from a fear or state of lack.  But most importantly what is ours?  If it’s now where we wish to live, it might be time to release those as the Ten of Pentacles or Coins is showing abundant living that belongs to each one of us.

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