My Cautionary Tale – Mercury Retrograde Shenanigans! – End of the Week Reading

My cautionary tale – Mercury Retrograde shenanigans!  Yes it starts on the 19th but we feel his effects earlier.

My story is a cautionary tale.  I didn’t take my own advice nor did I pull a card but late one night was glamoured by a Rebounder on Amazon. I know I must not be the only one that orders something in haste late at night.   In all honesty I had been looking at one all year since they are great for exercise, easy on the knees and help our lymphatic system. Ok the delivery is right before Christmas, great because I will be at the beach for a week or two, perfect timing and will be back home.  Well….as soon as I get to the beach I receive a notice that it’s shipping and no tracking number so I can’t delay it or reroute it to the beach.  I called Amazon to contact the seller to get the tracking number.  Then I get a notice saying that it’s sitting on my front step.  Now it raining back there.  Then the company sends a note and apologizing saying they’re sorry my Rebounder did not arrive and sending another one.  Oh now two will be sitting there in the rain on my front porch.  I did get that straighten out so hopefully there will just be one when I arrive home.  Mercury took care of a few other orders; my cookbooks which eventually arrived here at the beach took their own little mystery tour.  And clients were saying of the misunderstandings at work or with family.  Mercury going retrograde reminds me of that game we use to play when one person would whisper a story in one person’s ear and it would go around and at the end the last person recounted the story and it was nothing like how it began.  So I hope Mercury passes us over without any more shenanigans!  You can listen to the reading for our end of week card from the Epiphanies Tarot above or via the link below.

You can view the video for the week on my YouTube channel, Maggie MoonTarot or click here: and also subscribe!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot –    Transformational and Manifestation Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Numerologist,  & Energy Therapist

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