March Blessing – Tarot Card for the Month – Queen of Cups


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“It is the first mild day of March. Each minute sweeter than before… There is a blessing in the air…” – William Wordsworth

March is a foundation month for us, a 4 Universal Month in Numerology. What we do this month will yield great results because April has faster energy and with opportunities to travel.

Our card for March is the Queen of Cups. Queens are uniters, and this Queen offers us support in steadying our emotions. Our month starts with the Sun in Pisces, a creative time on one end of the stick but the other end can be more emotional. So our Queen is asking us: “What end of the stick will we pick up?” There’s much creative energy to harness this month and there’s also the practical or more daily things that we need to accomplish. Ride the waves and roll up your sleeves marching forward. And remember throughout this month to Breathe!

March Blessing: Become your vision and embrace your inner Queen. No one has to give you permission: you already have the power!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot –    Transformational and Manifestation Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Numerologist,  & Energy Therapist

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