Tarot Reading for the End of the Week “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves.” Ojibwa Saying

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“No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves.” Ojibwa Saying

At the end of the week, two cards came out for us. The Five of Wands and Queen of Swords. Often we might feel with the Five of Wands competition. But it reminds us we don’t have to compete, we’re unique; what we create is ours or we can co-create. Often there is friendly competition as in sports. But when it’s our vision and what we are creating, we don’t have to be like anyone else or compete, it’s not a game of struggle. It’s about being ourselves and true to what we believe in. And that ties in with the Devil card that came up midweek, letting old beliefs go.

And the card that came up with the Five of Wands when I was shuffling, the Queen of Swords. My Mother reminds me often of this Queen. As the saying goes, “she did not suffer fools gladly”. If you came up with a complaint, she wanted you to come up with a solution. And this Queen’s message is that if we come up with contrast or things we don’t want or like, or something happens, which it will, then we sit and think “what is it that I do want”. It’s about going inward and connecting with our Divine Self and saying “ok I don’t like this but let’s see what I do want”. It also points back to the Five of Wands. Don’t necessarily go with the group, come up with your own solutions. Or you just might find a mentor that can help but ultimately it must feel right for you. And when we encounter those stumbles and challenges, which we will, know that they are growth edges for us and they can inspire us to say “ok, now what”. Be curious as to what ideas will come up and hold true to your vision and what you are creating. You’ve got this! https://youtu.be/HDCqTUFBezQ

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