Today’s Tarot Card: Akashic Records

IMG_0104Today’s card: Akashic Records, Card 22, an additional card in the Major Arcana which can bring us new downloads and messages. This is available to us anytime but it’s a perfect card and energy to go with our Waning Gibbous Moon cycle now. A portal opens to our records. This is a invitation for us to connect to our own Book of Life. We can do this in dreamtime, nature, with music, meditation, our quite time. The Akashic Records contain the entire history of every soul since the beginning of Creation which is part of the Divine mind. There is information to inspire us, assist us in what we want to create and look at our past and possibilities of many futures for ourselves. Going to the Great Hall of Records can also assist us to gain a clearer understanding of the subtle energies around us. I like how Danielle speaks of this energy in her companion book: “We can connect with this Source of loving information to be the best version of ourselves.”

Card from the Starchild Tarot – Danielle Noel

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