Happy International Women’s Day! Walking the Paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary


Happy International Women’s Day!

I want to honor the women in my life that have influenced me in powerful ways. Reading the book “The Four-Fold Way by Angeles Arrien, who made her transition in 2014, I celebrate her today, a cultural anthropologist and award-winning author along with many other accomplishments including workshops in transpersonal psychology gave me pause to think about how the women in my life past and present have taught me about walking the paths of the Warrior, Teacher, Healer and Visionary that Angeles Arrien wrote about in her book. To my grandmothers, Clara and Lenora ,my Mother Betty June, and her girlfriend Mitch who have passed and my Mother-In-Law Helen, who will be turning 98 this year and to my daughter Val, I thank you for demonstrating what Angeles wrote about, how to show up, to be present, paying attention to what has heart and meaning, telling the truth without blame or judgement and the wisdom to be open to outcome, not attached to outcome.

Thank you Kate Stockman for reintroducing me to The Four-Fold Way, to my favorite author, Kim Antieau, an enchanting storyteller that weaves magic in her books -a couple of my favorites – “Church of the Old Mermaids” and “The Salmon Mysteries”, my dear friend Nita Kumari who embodies and lives the archetypes in the Four-Fold Way and to my daughter, Valerie Joy who has been a warrior for truth and healer for those who have lost their voice and to all Women everywhere, Happy International Women’s Day.

“Help us to be the always hopeful gardeners of the spirit who knows that without darkness nothing comes to birth. As without light nothing flowers.” Mary Sarton from Journal of Solitude

Brightest Blessings,

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