“A cat’s eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world.” Irish Legend

After completing Cheryl Patton’s Numerology class, I am looking at new pathways while working with Numerology and Tarot.  You can find Cheryl at: http://cheryl-patton.blogspot.com.  Cheryl is a wonderful teacher and has some great classes lined up this year!

From a Numerological perspective, I am in a “6” Year, my Personal Year for 2012, and in a “7” Month (the number 7 is my Personal Month for January).  I have chosen the Six of Cups and the Seven of Cups from the Cat’s Eye Tarot to look at the aspects through Numerology and Tarot.

Six of Cups – Six, my Personal Year number for 2012, is the number of the nurturer, also balance and harmony.  These two precious black and white kittens are nestled together safely between the flowers and grass in the warm sun.  I feel the energy of love and innocence in the pink and white flowers and the growth represented with the grass.  What will I choose to nurture and grow in 2012?  Affirmation:  I am loved and feel safe.  While learning to nurture myself, I have more energy and love to give to others.



Seven of Cups – Seven, my Personal Month number for January, is the number of the spiritual seeker, a magical and introspective number.  Building on my nurturer year and viewed through the eyes of this handsome black and white, I will keep January open to dreams and think of the many wonderful opportunities and choices that lay before me this year.  When February rolls around, I will be back to the business of work and focus.  Affirmation:  I give myself permission to daydream and see the unlimited possibilities the Universe holds for me.


The Cat’s Eye Tarot created by Debra M. Givin, DVM  (U.S. Games Systems, Inc. http://www.usgamesinc.com).  Debra is a veterinarian who has been practicing for 28 years, 22 years exclusively with felines.  As a lover of Tarot and cats, this deck is a natural match for me.  Debra’s cats come to life as they move through the deck giving you a view through the eyes of these mysterious and intuitive felines.



“In a cat’s eyes, all things belong to cats.” – English Proverb

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2 Responses to “A cat’s eyes are windows enabling us to see into another world.” Irish Legend

  1. Zanna Starr says:

    I love this deck, Maggie, and I enjoyed reading your post. Is there a reason why you chose the suit of Cups for this?

  2. Maggiemoon says:

    Yes, I love this deck too! I choose the Cup cards from this deck for their imagery and how they vibrated with my numbers for my year and month.

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