It’s Leo Season! Happy Birthday Leo, It’s Your Time To Shine!



It’s Leo Season!  Leo sets the stage for us to create with self expression, he is the great manifestor and as a mentor, inspires us to shine brighter, love more passionately and know that the Universe adores us.  He welcomes the stranger with a great kindness and warmth like he would with a dear friend.  There is a dramatic and magnaminous quality and energy that Leo brings.   

Leo is ruled by the Sun, a fixed sign;  his element is Fire.  Leo rules the heart, spine and upper back. And like the story The Lion King, Leo is often thought of as King, but here he is also the King of the Zodiac.  Leo is proud and noble. Like the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, he is a gentle giant who finds his courage; it was inside himself all along! 

Leo’s Tarot correspondence is the Strength card possessing not only strength and courage but kindness and generosity.  The Strength card is feminine magic; the Feminine Magician with the infinity symbol, call the Lemniscate above her head like her counterpart the Magician.  Here we see the Lady taming the Red Lion or taming the self; the process spirituality alchemy on the path to transformation.  Leo’s influence is also seen in the King of Wands, and his lesson is learning self discipline, controlling appetites and passions. 

 Leo, you glamour us with your light, charisma, generous heart and help us step out on the stage of life under the light of the Sun and Stars!  You invite us to find the enjoyment and deliciousness in life.  Happy Birthday to all those born under this sign; we are blessed to have you as our loyal friend!

Bright Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski

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