Say my name so I’ll not be forgotten….. Halloween, Samhain, Hallowmas then All Souls’ Day

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A gift to my parents on their wedding day that hangs in my office.

Say my name so I’ll not be forgotten…..

As the Wheel Turns, we come into the time of Halloween, Samhain, Hallowmas then All Souls’ Day and honor our Ancestors.   The Elders are many; our ancestors, the wisdom keepers, our inner wise one, those that give counsel and pass it on to those who seek them out.  They are the Healers of old and can come through as ancestors or guides.  They can slip between the worlds transforming inner reality into outer reality and remind us we can too.  The ask us, what do you want, what is your dream, and vision?  What’s holding you back.  What are you willing to give up for something greater, a bigger vision?  What wants to be healed?  What would you do if you tapped into and trusted your own wisdom?

The Wheel, in Tarot signifies change in our lives.  We are now moving into a new season, but also other changes are coming.  We can feel them!  When we live close to the seasons and cycles in life, nature assists us through this transformation.  Our European sister the Baba Yaga and Hecate, the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads.  I deeply connect with her, Mother Mary and Archangel Azrael as in my practice, one of my specialties is working with those going through transitions of all kinds, metaphorical crossroads.  Crossroads are places of power.  In the physical it can be It can be any three-way crossroad. It’s a place where we can give an offering of gratitude, or petition, prayer.

At this time of the year the veil is thin, a time when we celebrate and honor our ancestors.   There are many ways we can do this.  By changing up our alters or an area where we can have pictures of our loved ones,  friends, pets and adding things around it that  they loved in life, along with candles, and flowers.  There may have been a poem or story they loved that we can read aloud.  You can record in your journal any messages you receive from those that have passed ones, those that come in our dreams or sychronictistic experiences.  Reciting prayers using beads, a rosary, and malas are gifts to our ancestors given from us through this liminal time.  The practice and repetition of saying a mantra or prayer shifts our energy into one of peace.  You can craft prayer cards with a picture of your loved one. 

As we begin to celebrate All Souls’ Day, many people have remembrances in their home of those who have made their transition and visit their family and friends in a cemetery at this time, light a candle on the grave and bring flowers.  I prepare my family grave at this time each year with flowers and decorations as it’s also my father’s birthday.  You may not live close or are unable to visit your families resting place but you can visit a cemetery close to you. I have participated in cemetery walks on or around All Souls’ Day.  Some of the graves are so old that there may not be any relatives or friends left to visit them.  So saying their name aloud, they may not have heard it spoken in awhile, they will know they are remembered and not forgotten.  Another idea is to make small soul cakes to take with you to leave at the graves.  A soul cake is a small round cake or muffin which is traditionally made for this day to celebrate the dead.  Originally they were made with whatever grain the community had available. The cakes, often simply referred to as souls, were given out to soulers, children and the poor who would go from door to door  singing and saying prayers for the dead.  The 60?s folk group Peter Paul and Mary recorded a song based on an old rhyme for soul cakes, called “A’ Soalin”. 

Día De Los Muertos is another festival celebrated in many parts of the World, in Mexico, and in the United States, particularly where there are large Latin American communities. Day of the Dead events, which come in the form of festivals, parades and group celebrations, are held on November 1st to the 2nd  to coincide with All Souls’ and Saints’ Day.   During these celebrations some people wear masks, create beautiful decorations to honor the dead. Some community centers invite people to commemorate their deceased loved ones with offerings that include food, symbols, flowers, candles, photos and other mementos. Altars in memory of the dead are also made in people’s homes.  The skull, is decorated used in celebrations which symbolizes death and rebirth. A traditional flower associated with the dead is the Marigold.  It has been said that  the Marigold represents the rays of the sun, which is about life, so the deceased have not lost their place in the Universe.

So as the wheel turns, notice the changes both in our outside world and how it’s reflected inside us, how we move and flow with the seasons.  When we are in sync, we will feel more of a connection with everything and find more ease, grace, and joy in our lives.  What plans do you have as the Wheel turns?  What questions are coming up for you during this liminal time.  You don’t have to rush, you have the time, and you have the answer and it may just come from an ancestor or guide.

“Walking, I am listening to a deeper way.

Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me.

Be still, they say. Watch and listen.

You are the result of the love of thousands.”– Linda Hogan

Bright Blessings! 


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