Remember the Feeling – Tarot Reading for the Week with the Dark Wood Tarot

Remember the Feeling – A reading for the week ahead from the stunning and glamouring Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham, artwork by Abigail Larson.  The. guide book is comprehensive, in color and also gives you the shadow meaning of the card.  Let’s get started.  Normally I would use several cards for a weekly reading but today I’m using one card.  When you’re new to reading you may think you need many cards.  It can be helpful for a spread, clarification and much more but you can discover 1 card can say a lot.  Since this deck shows both the light & shadows, I will look at the card I pulled from different angles for our message for the week.  The Ten of Cups popped out of the deck &  seemed to say “pick me!)……

Peace Always!

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