“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” Allen Ginsberg


The Moon XVIII – Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding http://www.schifferbooks.com

Blue Moon in Pisces!

Emily Carding’s exquisite and complex Moon card evokes many feelings and thoughts we often attribute to the full moon.  The Glyph on the Full Moon vibrates the power of the moon.  We often hear stories of strange occurrences during a full moon.  The reflections in the water seem to be different than they appear on land.  Do the shadows play tricks; we may see things differently, and some appear to come to life.  The reflection from the Sun on the moon in the water appears brightly above the heads of the sometimes unseen Spirits around us.  The Faery woman’s reflection is transformed and manifested a bit differently than she might see herself as she reaches her hand to touch the Other in the water.  Is it her magical or spirit self?  There are so many images in Emily’s card to write and meditate upon.  I didn’t notice the cat straight away then wondered what message is he bringing to this night.

There is magic to be had on this Blue Moon!  Maybe a moonlight walk, charging your crystals, stones, and jewelry under the moonlight, setting out gifts for the Sidhe, a Blue Moon party, celebrating what you have accomplished during this cycle, seeing yourself in a different light and writing in your journal, an intention before dream time, a powerful time for long distance Reiki work, scrying, divination, writing a gratitude list, prayer…….  What will you be doing on this Blue Moon?

Blessings on this Blue Moon,

“The Moon, like a Flower,
In Heaven’s high bower,
With silent Delight, Sits and smiles on the Night.” – William Blake

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