Take the Challenge!



Last year at this time, I saw the Ultimate Blog Challenge, but was hesitant and a bit timid to give it a go.  I almost let it slip by again this year, but instead I decided to take the plunge!  As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.   So here goes.  Like the Fool or Seeker card in the Tarot deck, I will start at the beginning.

This leap is in alignment with my Word for 2013, EXPAND!  Every year I choose a word that will describe my year.  In 2012 I immersed myself in classes.   This year I intend to EXPAND, sharing my knowledge with others.   I also want to EXPAND my techie skills, write more articles, learn more about blogging and the technical aspects that go along with the process.

I will banish the fear of putting myself out there, write from my heart, and look forward to meeting others on their own journey.

Maybe I will see you on the road!



“Writing is an exploration.  You start from nothing and learn as you go.”  E. I. Doctorow






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