The Crystal Chair Meditation

Mini meditations, I call them mini-meds, because they just take a few minutes.  I like the phrase Deepak Chopra uses for meditation:  “The Dance of the Soul.”

I keep a glass of water next to me before I start, and a pen and paper.  Also,  I think of a word to use to bring my focus back if my mind wanders during the meditation.  Your word can be as simple as RELAX, LOVE, FLOW.  This word also becomes an anchor so that later in the day, or week, you can say or think of your word and remember the feeling of relaxation.  Before you start any meditation, make sure you are in a safe place.

So if we are ready, let’s begin.  – The Crystal Chair –   Find a comfortable position, take a deep breath,  hold then slowly exhale.   Take another breath,  hold and slowly exhale.  Out of the corner of your eye you notice a stairwell and an Angel or Spirit Guide standing to the side.  You rise and walk over to the stairs    the Angel takes your hand,   You feel completely safe and protected.   You both begin  to walk down the stairs.   As you walk down step 5, you notice the steps are made of soft grass, and breathe in the fresh smell.    Step 4,  you feel yourself becoming more relaxed,  3, breathing slowly and deeply,  step 2, sinking into the soft grass  and step 1.   You see a rainbow mist across a clearing in the forest.  The angel guides you through the mist and a beautiful crystal chair comes into view.  The chair is made from crystals of all colors and types. There are translucent pillows arranged on the chair.  You decide you would like to sit down for awhile and rest.   You walk over to the chair, and sink into the soft silk pillows as you become more relaxed continuing to breathe slowing and deeply.   The light and color of the crystals sparkle and surround you with peace, warmth, love, and protection.   You feel the healing light of the crystals  entering your body.   Continue breathing slowly and deeply.  Take a minute to scan your body for any areas where you may feel a discomfort or blockage.  Slowly breathe in,  soften the muscles around that area, and exhale while allowing  the energy from the area to flow gently and easily out of your body.   Take another breath,  soften that area,  exhale, and let the energy flow out again.  You find yourself going deeper and deeper into relaxation.   If there is any noise outside or around you,  just let it pass.  If you feel distracted, remember you can say your Word to bring you back into focus.  Relax.  You can stay as long as you like until you feel peaceful and refreshed.  When you are ready,  rise, your angel takes your hand, and you walk through the warm, rainbow mist and you arrive at the bottom of the stairs.  You thank you angel for going on this journey with you.  As you go up the stairs,  5, you become more aware of your surroundings.   4,  you start to move your feet,   3, moving your fingers,   2, you gently open your eyes  and 1,  Smile.   Take a long deep breath, exhale  and stretch.  Beautiful!  You may want to take a sip of water, make notes in your journal about any messages, or symbols you received.  Thank you for going on this journey with me and may you find peace in this day.



I am grateful for the peace that meditation beings into my life.

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5 Responses to The Crystal Chair Meditation

  1. Nancy Kay says:

    I like the phrase you share here- min meds to describe these mini meditation breaks we can take during our busy lives.

  2. Greg Lukowski says:


  3. Maggiemoon says:

    Thanks Nancy!

  4. Jean Maurie says:

    Lovely meditation Maggie 🙂 I would love to hear it in your voice. Let me know when you get it recorded.


  5. Maggiemoon says:

    Thanks Jean! I hope to start on the software we spoke about next week.

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