I have followed Maggie for a long time on Facebook and Instagram, so I was excited to have her do a reading. Maggie’s reading was a beautiful, organic blend of different tarot decks and numerology. I intuitively knew her answers to my questions were right, and at the same time they brought me peace and happiness. She was generous with her time and truly thoughtful in her responses. Maggie is a bright light and has a true gift.” ~ DW

Maggie has been my go-to guidance woman for years now. Her spiritual advice is solid, grounded and always compassionate. As a reader myself, it’s important for me to go to someone who’s on the same page energetically and ethically. Maggie is a wonderful reader and also a truly stellar human being. I highly recommend both her readings and her energy healing work. – Irma Kaye Sawyer, Bright Star Consulting Services

Maggie a gifted reader and we connected immediately.  Her calm energy made her so easy to talk to.  Thank you for the wonderful insight into a very difficult relationship situation.  She also helped me remove some of the blocked energy around me in my home through Numerology.  I made a few changes and the differences were truly amazing!  Maggie is a warm and calming soul who knows what she is talking about!  Helen S.

Maggie is a magical being of light and pure love. She is a blessing to her many clients as I know she has held space for me to vent and continuously helps me work through my struggles. Maggie calls in her divine helpers to deliver messages in a loving and concise manner. She makes a real difference in people’s lives through her pure divine heart! I feel so much better after speaking with her. Nita 


I contacted Maggie for a reading because I needed some direction in my life. To my surprise my reading was extremely positive!
Maggie told me that she saw me getting a job in the near future…ONE month latertoday on 10-01-12…I’M EMPLOYED! !!
Maggie is a bright and shining star who makes time for her clients and treats them like friends.
Thank you Maggie…I will definitely call you for another reading. ~
Renée M.  NC

Maggie guided me in areas and opened doors so I could get to the next step and focus on issues that were holding me back.  Cheryl

It is refreshing to be able to be read in person by Maggie Moon.  Her intuition while reading the cards was very revealing; she reads the real me.  I especially loved her Numerology class.  I walked away with all the materials I needed to create a Numerology chart!   KS

Maggie is not only an excellent and accurate reader, she is also compassionate and kind. I always feel encouraged and uplifted after a reading from her. I also appreciate the energy work that she provides for her clients. It really makes a difference! I would recommend her to anyone seeking a compassionate reading of high quality. ~ Irma Kaye Sawyer/Bright Star Consulting Services


This was the first email tarot reading I received with a picture of the cards, an explanation of the positions which helped me understand and appreciate the reading in its entirety. Maggie was efficient in responding to my request and I had my reading the same day. Her reading was both hopeful and positive and left me in a much more peaceful place. Her words “no longer but not yet” rang so true for in many ways it’s a place I am with work. To know that the journey will lead me to good things is well simply amazing. So thank you Maggie for reaching out and touching my life in a blessed way. God bless.

AS, London.

Maggie has recently done three readings for me. My questions have been specific in nature, all dealing with upcoming events in the near future.  In each case, I have found her interpretation of the cards to be not only specific in nature relative to my questions, but in addition, her explanation of each card combined with the overall indication of the entire spread has been very clear and easily understood.

As this testimonial is a postscript of all three of my readings, it has come to pass that all of her interpretations have been astoundingly accurate.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as an exceptionally intuitive talent. – Sincerely James


Thank you, Maggie, for my Tarot reading.  I wanted to let you know that things are working in the direction that your reading indicated.  Several events in the last week or two have been spot on relative to your interpretation of the cards. Incredible!!!  I thought you would like to know how accurate your reading was, and how quickly everything happened.  – Kim


Maggie has read for me many times and I have always found her readings to be very accurate and insightful. She has a deep, intimate knowledge of the cards. When we have had phone readings, I love how she thoroughly depicts/describes the artwork on the cards and what it means in relation to the reading.  She takes her time with the reading and you and is very compassionate and insightful. I have been to several tarot readers and she is by far the most accurate and the best!  –  Valerie

Maggie has been reading the cards for me, for several years. I have always found that her readings are clear and informative. I have had readings done for personal and professional guidance. On both formats, Maggie has the ability to translate the cards vs telling me what I want to hear. This has been very helpful in planning my career and settling my private issues. I continue to use her and think anyone who is looking for Tarot services will not find a better translator of the cards.  Maggie is a blessing!  –  Lisa